Update....short and sweet (or notso sweet)...

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Update....short and sweet (or notso sweet)...

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:07 am

Let's see, I'm 4 days out of chemo, and 4 days into radiation. Chemo didn't make me near as sick as I feared....YES! Tho the puny "green around the gills" goes on and on. I have never in my life been this tired, I go to get my amifostine drip/shot for 2 hours everyday, then to radiation immediately afterwards....Greg has been a doll....taking me to chemo everyday, picking me up and hauling me to radiation...then home to do all the chores, all the horse stuff, pretty much all of Moj's care. Except his nightime walk, Greg pretty much just has Moj follow him around during the day....I've still been going out at night, but for me it's SO fucking cold...and I'm, well.........wimpy.

So one week down.........6 weeks of radiation to go, 17 weeks of chemo. Once I'm on just the chemo, I'm hoping I'll feel better....won't have to have my "sick shot" everyday....the amiphostine. It's to save my salivary glands from withering and dying during rads....but it keeps me nauseated on a daily basis. Makes it hard to eat anything...but I'm doing it, just with a gag and a grump.

Computer has been my main stay of communication the last week......I'm sleeping so much of the time....about 11:00 at night I start feeling a little better....just in time to...........go to sleep...LOL.


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