Out of the hospital and home....

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Out of the hospital and home.... Empty Out of the hospital and home....

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:15 am

Chest tube is gone as of yesterday, so the lung has sealed up. Stomach tube causing problems, tho....never had such pain in my life (ain't supposed to hurt at all). Seems mine either is running by the liver, or partially thru the liver....ergo mucho pain. Like labor pains, if you can imagine...sweeping cramps, the reach a peak the let go....

That has dwindled now to a constant hitch in my side, like I've ran too far....that too, should disappear in a few days. Just in time for chemo....oh great! Greg and I are going to look for a recliner today....I really need one, none of our furnature is comfortable for me. I'm walking like an old lady, cuz I can't stand up straight...can't walk Moj, cuz I can only shuffle along....not liking this at all...gut just hurts to much to be normal.


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