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Post  PatriciafromCO on Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:02 pm

There are perks for being a coach and for being a club member.. ( I know you don't want to do the buisness) but you still get neat things you might want to use.. Like the meal planner tools.. sets up full weeks of suggested meals using a daily calorie count you request, and even adds in your daily shakeology.. Love the little pictures and the meals are simple not gourmet complicated.. And if not for you,, you could do it for your sister and see if she would find it interesting enough to try... Very Happy but lots of fitness trackers,, to put in your information and see the results caculated for you.. so don't be shy to search around and look at other tips and suggestions...

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Have fun with it...

Moved my workouts up earlier to 6pm.. I was doing them at 9pm but I was so wired and pumped up from the workouts I couldn't get to sleep until I got unwired... Just got done blood is flowing good.. so I should fizzle out and be ready to go to bed at 10,, or as soon as I talk to Tim on skype...

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